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Install the latest release of OneFlow with CUDA support:

python3 -m pip install --find-links oneflow_cu102 --user

System requirements:

  • Python >= 3.5
  • CUDA Toolkit Linux x86_64 Driver

    OneFlow CUDA Driver Version
    oneflow_cu102 >= 440.33
    oneflow_cu101 >= 418.39
    oneflow_cu100 >= 410.48
    oneflow_cu92 >= 396.26
    oneflow_cu91 >= 390.46
    oneflow_cu90 >= 384.81

If you meet errors like "cannot find", please try to update pip:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade --user pip

Build from source

If you want to install OneFlow by building from source, please refer to README. Also refer to Troubleshooting for common issues you might encounter when compiling and running OneFlow.

Install OneFlow with legacy CUDA support

To install OneFlow with legacy CUDA support, run one of the following command:

python3 -m pip install --find-links oneflow_cu101 --user
python3 -m pip install --find-links oneflow_cu100 --user
python3 -m pip install --find-links oneflow_cu92 --user
python3 -m pip install --find-links oneflow_cu91 --user
python3 -m pip install --find-links oneflow_cu90 --user

QQ channel

If you encounter any problems during the installation and want for help, please join the QQ channel or submit issues on Github.

QQ channel ID: 331883 or scan QR code below

qq group